Anesthisia Ventilator

We are a noted firm involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Anesthisia Ventilator. Anaesthesia ventilators are an integral part of all modern anaesthesia workstations. Automatic ventilators in the operating rooms, which were very simple with few modes of ventilation when introduced, have become very sophisticated with many advanced ventilation modes. Several systems of classification of anaesthesia ventilators exist based upon various parameters. Modern anaesthesia ventilators have either a double circuit, bellow design or a single circuit piston configuration.

Technical Specifications:
  • Anesthesia Ventilator should be detachable unit from the Anesthesia Machine
  • Display with Touch screen.
  • Touch screen control and Navigator wheel.
  • Pressure monitoring and spirometry in all active ventilation modes
  • Patient support facility in spontaneous mode.
  • Spiro meter with built in gas mixture compensation
  • Tidal or minute volume
  • Compliance loop display
  • Continuously displayed expired volume
  • Built in oxygen monitor.
  • 60 minutes battery backup
  • Display waveform: pressure Vs time, Volume Vs time, Compliance loop, waveformfreeze.
  • Adult & Paed application driven by Oxygen/Air
  • Microprocessor control and Electrically driven
  • Touch screen control and Navigator wheel.
  • Display with touch screen control and Navigator wheel facility
  • Integrated navigator point for parameter setting
  • Patient support facility, in spontaneous mode, switches to volume ventilationif the apnoea alarm is triggered
  • Selectable Tidal or Minute Volume
  • Single autoclavable latex free bellows.VAPORIZER
  • Temperature and pressure compensated
  • Fixed Mount and selectatech plug in system