Ultra Sound

Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Ultrasound is thus not separated from 'normal' (audible) sound by differences in physical properties, only by the fact that humans cannot hear it. Although this limit varies from person to person, it is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz) in healthy, young adults. Ultrasound devices operate with frequencies from 20 kHz up to several gigahertz.

ProSound 2

ProSound 2

Simple, Easy and Friendly Portable Ultrasound System

The ProSound 2 has been developed to meet the demand for high image quality in a portable unit. It features user-friendly simple operation with a variety of probes, making it ideal for today’s increasingly diverse examination environment thanks to its enhanced f lexibility and ingenuity.

Extended Pure Harmonic Detection ( ExPHD)

The second harmonic is effective for greatly reducing artifacts generated by multiple echoes and side lobes. Tissue Harmonic Echo by the phase-modulation method offers images with higher sensitivity and resolution.

Edge Enhancement Function

This function highlights the periphery of tissues. By clarifying contours, the structures of vessels, especially the intima, are displayed with good continuity and are easy to observe.

Multi Frequency Imaging (MFI)

It is possible to select the most suitable frequency from among multiple ones according to the patient's physique or the depth of the region of interest with a single probe.

Simple and Compact

Easy for everyone

Frequently used switches are arranged around the trackball. The self-illuminated switches and full keyboard are easy to view and operate.

Compact and easy to carry

It is possible to carry the system with the necessary probes and an ultrasound gel bottle mounted. Examination can be initiated immediately at any place.

Save the data to the built-in memory and various media

Ultrasound images, measurement results, patient information and reports are stored and managed in the large-capacity built-in memory with no deterioration. A USB memory port is equipped as standard, which is useful for copying the data. The system is compatible with the DICOM 3.0 standard. Worklist management enables acquisition of patient information and reservation information from the worklist server, thus eliminating entry errors.

ProSound α6

ProSound α6

Supporting a Wide Variety of Diagnistic Specialties