MultiPara Monitor

We are supplying Multi Para Patient Monitor . It is conventional equipment that finds its application in Arrhythmia analysis and S-T segment analysis ensuring high level of accuracy. This ensures the ECG waveforms of 7-leads display on the same screen. Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient this equipment is net-workable with Contec central monitoring system. Multipara Patient Monitor have 100% accuracy, 12.1" touch screen. Easy operation with user friendly menu structure design and 4 hours rechargeable high-energy built-in Li-Ion battery. Memory storage of upto 500 NIBP measurements, 50-alarm events storage with 120-seconds full disclosure of ECG. Multi-parameter patient monitor is the latest product designed for the purpose of meeting various demands. This monitor is small-designed, compact, light and can use both alterative current and direct current. It can meet the actual demand of hospital clinic and emergent medical situation.