Transport ventilator LP 10

Transport ventilator LP 10

We are a noted firm involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Transport ventilator LP 10. The Nellcore Transport ventilator LP 10 is a highly portable, dependable, comprehensive ventilator designed to enable smooth transition from critical care ventilation. The Nellcore Transport ventilator LP 10's extensive features and portability provide the flexibility to meet a broad range of ventilation and patient needs.

  • Pressure control for pressure-limited, time-cycled ventilation
  • Decreased internal resistance reduces breathing effort in SIMV mode
  • Continuous low-maintenance operation with minimal supervision
  • Internal and external battery provides convenience and security
  • Expanded alarms and printer or digital display output ensure reliable ventilator monitoring for pediatric or adult patients.
Technical Specifications:


  • Size (W x H x L): 36.8cm x 24.6cm x 33.6cm (14.5in x 9.75in x 13.25in)
  • Weight: 15.9 kgs (35 lbs.)

Power Ratings

  • Power Requirements: 110 VAC range (100 to 127VAC), 60 Hz
  • 220 VAC range (220 to 240VAC), 50 Hz, External Voltage Selector Switch

Power Consumption:

  • Maximum: 630 kW hours per year
  • Nominal: 315 kW hours per year

Battery Life:

  • 75-80 ampere-hour 12VDC deep-cycle gel-cell battery: 20 hours
  • 35-40 ampere-hour 12VDC deep-cycle gel-cell battery: 10 hours
  • Internal battery: 1 hour

Physical Characteristics and Display:

  • Front Panel Touch Pads
  • Alarm Silence/Reset: Push button to silence alarm or to reset; used with battery test button to read operating hours on patient pressure meter
  • Battery Test: Push button to show charge level on lower window of patient pressure meter
  • Front Panel Controls Mode: Standby, Assist/Control, SIMV or Pressure Cycle
  • Pressure Limit: Locking knob sets presure from 15 to 50 cm H2O/hPa, or disables limit feature
  • Low Alarm: Set kimit for low pressure alarm (2-32 cm H20/hPa in increments of 2 cm H20/hPa)
  • High Alarm Limit: Set limit for high pressure alarm (Assist/Control, SIMV modes) or limit for pressure cycle mode (15-90 cm H20/hPa in increments of 5cm H20/hPa)
  • Breath Rate: Sets breating rate (1-20 BPM in increments of 1 BPM and 22-38 BPM in increments of 2 BPM)
  • Inspiratory Time: Sets time from 0.5 to 1.0 seconds in increments of 0.1 seconds, 1.2 seconds, and 1.5-5.5 second in increments of 0.5 seconds
  • Breathing Effort: Push-to-turn knob sets pressure level to detect breathing effort (-10 cm H20/hPa to +10 cm H20/hPa)

Front Panel Input

  • Patient Pressure: Port for connection to proximal pressure line of patient circuit

Front Panel Output

  • Patient Air: 22 mm x 15 mm tube for connection to bacteria filter
  • Exhalation Valve: Port for connection to exhalation valve of patient circuit

Indicators, Normal Events

  • Patient Pressure: Displays patient pressure -10 to +100 cm H20/hPa; can also display battery charge and machine hours of operation
  • Breathing Effort: Green LED activated by adequate patient breathing effort
  • Power: LEDs indicate operating power source (green AC Pwr/Batt Chg, amber External Battery, flashing amber Internal Battery)
  • Alarms: Flashing red LEDs (low pressure/apnea, low power, high pressure, setting error, power switchover