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Along with the new technology in medical equipment there is also an emerging trend for 'affordable buying', which is the basis of the refurbished medical equipment business.

Market Trends

The medical equipment market in India is growing at an annual rate of 15 per cent and is expected to touch $ 4.98 billion by 2012. Today most of the medical equipment vendors all over the world consider India to be one of the most emerging markets in the world. In recent times, the market for competitively priced refurbished equipment is growing faster than ever in India. Refurbished equipment gives an opportunity for the customers to purchase latest technology products for their clinic or hospital.Refurbished medical imaging equipment is likely to be the most viable and affordable alternative to otherwise expensive high-end equipment.

Such Behind Refurbished

Refurbished/Used medical equipment allows for affordable machines without sacrificing much of quality. More and more customers are using Refurbished/Used equipments just like a new equipments.In fact, the biggest differences between new and Refurbished/Used medical equipment is the price. Buying Refurbished/Used equipment can save you sometimes over 50 per cent of what you would normally pay for brand new equipments. Our Refurbished/Used systems demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Irays Offers

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Iraysmedtech leading market player with wide range of Refurbished/Used medical equipments,Refurbished/Used Nellcor N-395 Pulse Oximeter, Refurbished/Used Siemens servo 300 Medical Ventilator,Refurbished/Used Pulse oximeter nellcore 595,Refurbished/Used Defibrillator Physio control LP 9P,Refurbished/Used Zoll Defibrillator1200, Refurbished/Used Zoll Defibrillator1400, Refurbished/Used MRI Scanner, Refurbished/Used CT Scanner, Refurbished/Used Philips Respironics CPAP St auto model in all over India

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